Help parents read news (Mar. 27)

  1. (The Globe and Mail) Trudeau government urged to reject Chinese trade demands on Friday.


  1. (The Globe and Mail) Discovered on Wednesday, scientists might be able to revive the woolly mammoth, but uncertain if this project will be beneficial.


  1. (CTV News) Beach on Vancouver Islandre-opens on Saturday after wolf attack last week.


  1. (PeaceArch News) B.C. Province funds 2600 more teacher positions this month.


  1. (PeaceArch News) White Rock Christian Academy plans to build a new school, breaks ground next week.

White Rock Christian Academy 将修建一所新学校,预期下周动土。

  1. (PeaceArch News) Discoloration of tap-water continues since mid of March.