Happy Exploring|Field trip:First Nation Challenge

First Nations are an aboriginal group in Canada and one of the country’s original inhabitants.

In the 1500s, Europeans  settled in North America. They traded harmoniously with the First Nations, exchanging European goods like firearms for fur. The First Nations had to adapt to the new commerce and  changes.

These aborigines used to be part of nature and live a life of harmony between man and nature. They used to be nature lovers ,brave warriors and strong  hunters, but when the European colonists stepped into the land, everything changed.

They must experience harmony ,resistance, conflicts.

No doubt, they are an important part of Canadian culture and have made great contributions to the development of Canada.

On February 16th, we will take the children to Fort Langley to get the first-hand experience on the culture of First Nations. The interpreter will give an introduction to the students. Our big group will be divided in teams of 15 students led by a responsible parent volunteer or teacher. Students will have to complete hands-on challenges and report back to the interpreter.