Join our Mandarin learning activities with leveled readings written by ourselves


Our Chinese reading club has offered  online or offline not-for profit learning for more than a year. The learning aims to help children learn characters and build confidence in reading step by step.

In general,our learning starts from characters. Then we will exploring some stories, cultural meaning behind  them.

Let’s think the character 蓝. The  modern meaning is a color.In fact, it is also  a type of green plant that can be used as a natural blue pigment.  That’s why the character has 艹.The plant could be found easily, so plenty of common people worn blue clothes in ancient China.

We also write some simple articles for children. It is hard to find suitable reading materials for beginner readers in Canada, even in China where most of leveled readings are written for preschoolers.The articles include famous  fairy tales, folks, fables and so on.Children showed great interest on them.

Some students feel boring when they read ancient stories. We also create some articles close to their real life in Canada. Obviously, Children have been won by our engaging ,vivid articles.



We welcome every Mandarin young reader to join us.