Voluteers are writing Chinese leveled readings for young readers in Canada.

Our volunteers are writing two Chinese leveled readings titled I Learn to Read and I Can Read (Classic Reading Series). 20 young illustrators(6-18 years of age) will illustrate the two readings. The works will be published or printed to paper.

The two readings are designed to capture the imagination and build the confidence of young Chinese readers. From classic fairy tales, fables, historic stories to classic children’s literature all over the world, there is something appeal to young readers. We hope they can gain mental assets from the readings. Everything children fills their head might come in handy. We have not found any similar readings for Canadian young readers who want to learn Mandarin in Canada, even in China. Most of leveled readings are written for preschoolers in China. That is why we decide to create the readings.

We have drawn up the five-level framework for each reading. Each level includes six different types of stories. From one level to the next, there is a gradual and clear progression in terms of vocabulary, story length and covering themes. I learn to read. is a parent-child reading and designed to a beginner who will read for pleasure with support from a parent. Readers can explore a variety of stories on their own in I can read. Children will be won by attractive and engaging illustration from watercolor, acrylic, canvas to animation.

Individuals, schools and libraries can make use of the books for reading materials. A series of events or programs will be held after the producing, including telling, discussing those stories through our reading club, workshops or seminars.