Literary authors have voluntarily worked on our Chinese Leveled readings before three months. Everything goes smoothly. The readings are designed for those young readers who are not able to read Chinese books fluently and independently yet. We already have a good start. Here we want children to get into book illustration. There are lots of […]

Our volunteers are writing two Chinese leveled readings titled I Learn to Read and I Can Read (Classic Reading Series). 20 young illustrators(6-18 years of age) will illustrate the two readings. The works will be published or printed to paper. The two readings are designed to capture the imagination and build the confidence of young […]

The power we  visited is  a National Historic Site of Canada where guests can comb through archival photos, artifacts and explore the original mechanical and electrical components installed over a century ago. The house is packed with information and understandable displays. There children were given a scavenger hunt sheet which kept them happy and observant. […]